The Bernardi Impianti patented Red Dryer has a unique internal drying system, which will allow for the direct introduction of up to 50% RAP ( Recycled Asphalt Planning's ) without the need for any secondary equipment. RAP can be introduced directly into the dryer from the existing cold feed system, blended with the virgin aggregates. The Blend of materials are then transported through the dryer via the specially developed internal blading and mixing system. The mixture is then heated by the innovative Bernardi internal combustor, which retains the flame and radiates heat to the materials passing through the dryer. The special combustor is manufactured from AISI heat resistant stainless steel, which when heated will improve combustion, as the unburnt fuels in the external part of the flame ignite on contact with the combustor, offering greater fuel efficiency. By Retaining the flame inside the combustor, there is no direct material contact with the flame, which reduces any thermic shock to the retained bitumen.. The force of air used to shape the flame creates a venturi affect around the combustor, which draws in and eliminates any combustible gases produced from heating rap. The combination of the various elements of the RED DRYER process will provide a blend of high quality coated material suitable for passing across the screens and elevators, without any problematic blinding issues.