When reclaimed asphalt (RAP) is introduced into the RED DRYER together with the virgin aggregates, a blend of coated material is discharged, which is suitable for passing across elevators and screens without any problematic blinding issues. The ability to screen the blend of coated materials will ensure that all the aggregate fractions of the RAP are separated into the individual hot storage bins along with the virgin aggregates, which will ensure the mix specification for the desired recipe, is maintained according to the relative standards required. The special heating and drying process also ensures the bitumen contained within the RAP is not destroyed ( Subject to it's original condition), so the bitumen is recovered and allowed for in your mix recipe.

The RED DRYERs ability to enable the production of asphalts containing RAP in accordance with mix specifications and standards, is unrivalled in the market and will help towards improving the re-use of reclaimed asphalts allowed in all types of road pavement materials around the world.